In the United States, there are many different types of addiction treatment programs for substance use. Most of these treatment facilities nationwide, follow an abstinence-based approach for treating substance use disorders. However, each of these programs has a unique plan in treating those struggling with substance use.

While many treatment facilities use an abstinence-based approach, other facilities use more of a holistic approach. The holistic approach for substance abuse treatment uses different types of therapy, such as massage, acupuncture, and nutritional changes, while other facilities are more heavily therapy based. In facilities that focus mainly on the therapeutic aspect of recovery, patients spend most of their time participating in a variety of therapy modalities. At GH Recovery Solutions, we have expertly blended therapy and an immersive 12-step program to create a unique approach to addiction treatment.

Utilizing Therapy and a 12-Step Approach for Addiction Recovery

Therapy is used at GH Recovery Solutions to address the underlying issues that cause clients to turn to substances. There is often feelings of inadequacy, trauma, and sometimes co-occurring disorders like depression that cause drug and alcohol use. The therapy modalities that we use at GH Recovery Solutions help clients to begin to change their behaviors, mindset, and begin to develop faith in themselves again. At GH Recovery, we use CBT and DBT as a main form of therapy due to their high success rates among those with substance use disorders.

GH Recovery Solutions’ CEO explained, “Leading research tells us the CBT and DBT are two of the most effective modalities in treating persons with substance abuse and misuse disorders. These methods have been proven time and time again, and it is important that GH Recovery Solutions offers the most effective and progressive treatment modalities to their census. We want results. Lives are on the line, and we take our commitment to being best-in-class very seriously.”

As mentioned above, the two main types of therapies focused on, but not limited to here at GH Recovery Solutions is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Along with the our 12-step immersion program and therapy, GH Recovery Solutions aims to treat mind, body and spirit, since all are affected by addiction.

The focus of the 12-steps is to offer clients a chance at a spiritual solution, awareness of their behaviors and patterns, community, and connection. One of the main goals of a 12-step program is to carry the message to those still suffering. It can be hard for those who have struggled with substance use disorders to take advice from those who haven’t been in their position. 12-step programs offer a community of people who have found a way to live without the use of drugs or alcohol.

How is GH Recovery Solutions Different?

With the many different levels and types of therapies provided at GH Recovery Solutions, we help to guide clients through real-life situations, continued action in a 12-step program and, resolution of trauma. It is possible to overcome addiction and build a new life that is worth living.

When men and women leave GH Recovery Solutions, they have the tools to maintain sobriety, but they are also fully prepared to handle the obstacles society may offer once they leave our facility. The ability to face life on life’s terms is what we prepare our clients for. Clients walk out of the treatment with more confidence, knowledge, and skills required to be successful in their lives.

If you or a loved one are seeking a program that will not only utilize therapy but will also give an introduction and continued education with a 12-step program, GH Recovery Solutions is the right choice. Call us today at 855-345-2025 You can heal, we can help.