The Physical Allergy of Addiction And Alcohol

The physical allergy of drug or alcohol addiction can be a tough one to come to terms with within yourself. The reason for this is the physical allergy of addiction is what makes us addicts and alcoholics for the rest of our lives. This physical allergy is what makes us different from everyone else; our physical make-up from “normal drinkers,” or recreational users. In science, it describes the way we as addicts or alcoholics process substances differently, how our brains react to them, and how our make-up is designed uniquely as well.

This is the explanation for a lot of things we have never had an answer for until recent studies. The physical allergy of addiction is the reasoning behind why you can’t stop yourself after that one drink, or from using again. It is the reason why you keep going back to your choice of a substance despite telling yourself you wouldn’t. It’s the allergy that continuously makes you spend the money you promised not to use, and why you blackout while drinking instead of sticking to the one or two drinks, you said you’d have. The allergy behind your addiction is what causes your cravings.

An Allergy to Any Substance

A physical allergy is quite similar to any other allergy we may come across in our lives. What is an allergy? An allergy is “ a damaging immune response by the body to a substance.” Some examples would be dust or milk. Someone who is lactose intolerant has an allergic reaction to dairy and has an abnormal response when consuming any dairy products; they become very ill. Like an alcoholic or an addict, we have an abnormal reaction when consuming any alcohol or drugs, and the abnormal response that we receive is a craving for more; we can not stop. For most, the typical reaction to drugs or alcohol is to stop after a certain point, and the reason for this is for “normal” drinkers and drug users, the response for them is to get out of control, and they get sick causing them to want to/being able to stop.

Being an alcoholic or a drug addict, we keep going no matter the consequences. Why is that? Because of this allergy, we have towards these substances. The allergic response we receive as addicts is the constant craving for more and causes us to no longer be in control but for the substance to now have power over us. Drugs and alcohol create an in control feeling over us, basically ensuring you do anything in your ability to get more and to keep going so you don’t feel sick. The moment you pick up your first drink or use a drug, the allergy begins to take effect.
Strange how not every person receives the same reaction to these substances, but no brain is wired the same. As we all have different outer make-up, we all have very different inner make-up as well.

Without this knowledge and understanding, many of us go about our days believing we are just bad people feeling deep down that we are not strong enough human beings to quit something that is harming us. The idea of our bodies being sick with this allergy explains why we have been able to make so many bad choices in our lives knowingly, and not care about the consequences of our actions. We never planned to black out or harm someone our ourselves, but the allergy of this disease caused us to look passed everything; it’s in control of our lives. See this as your missing puzzle piece, and use it in your advantage towards your sobriety. You are not a bad person. You are not a weak person. You are a different person, and different is okay.

How Can You Get Help For You or a Loved One?

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