Cocaine Addiction Treatment

For those struggling with cocaine addiction, GH Recovery Solutions treatment centers offer a way out. You can stop using cocaine and find a new way of life. We can show you how. Recovery from cocaine addiction is possible, and GH Recovery Solutions is here to guide you through the beginning of your path to long-term sobriety. For those prepared to overcome a cocaine addiction, we offer a personal approach to cocaine addiction treatment. Our methodologies to addiction treatment and your unique experiences are used to craft a treatment plan that will help you to overcome cocaine addiction.

GH Recovery Solutions guides you to participate in your recovery through personal responsibility, accountability and teaching you the skills needed to stay sober. We are personally invested in every one of our clients’ recovery. Putting people first is the bedrock of our treatment philosophy. We can help you to end the insanity of cocaine addiction. Reach out today and find out how GH Recovery Solutions can help you to build a life worth living.

How do I Know If I Need Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Cocaine rehab is necessary to help those suffering from the physical, mental and spiritual consequences of using cocaine. Entering substance use treatment centers such as GH Recovery Solutions is common for those with the disease of addiction. There is no medical use for cocaine and is classified as a Schedule II controlled substances, with highly addictive properties. Cocaine and crack are bought illegally on the streets and can come with severe legal consequences, such as prison time for up to 20 years. Cocaine can be snorted, injected or smoked. Cocaine abuse or use, in any form, can lead to cocaine addiction. GH Recovery Solutions can help you heal.

If you or a loved one are struggling with cocaine addiction, please reach out to GH Recovery Solutions at (888) 345-2025. We can help.


  • There are an estimated 1.5 million current cocaine users
  • Of those 1.5 million cocaine users, 913,000 meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria for dependence or abuse of cocaine.
  • 505,224 emergency room visits involved cocaine (40% of total drug misuse or abuse-related emergency department visits).
  • More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine.
  • There is “freebase” cocaine and a more common street cocaine which is mixed, called “crack cocaine”
  • Cocaine is known to cause permanent psychosis.
  • Repeated use of cocaine can cause long-term changes in the brain

Physiology and Side Effects of Cocaine

Like many other addictive drugs, cocaine increases dopamine levels in the brain. Cocaine causes an excessive build-up of dopamine and other pleasure producing neurotransmitters and blocks the natural re-absorption process of these chemicals. The sudden increase in dopamine levels disrupts normal brain communications and causes the user to feel the effects of a cocaine “high.” According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, research shows that cocaine abuse is related to a disruption of higher thought and decision-making functions. These effects take place even when cocaine is used infrequently, or in small amounts. When the decision-making functions are disrupted; risk for exposure to diseases such as HIV is increased, even if the drug is only being snorted.
After repeated use of cocaine, addiction can occur, after just a few uses. A tolerance to cocaine is quickly developed as the high does not last long. Cocaine can quickly turn you or your loved one into someone you no longer recognize. GH Recovery Solutions can help you, or your loved one, recover from cocaine addiction with our robust treatment options that will help you to deal with cravings, shame, and guilt from cocaine use. You don’t have to go through recovery from cocaine alone. We’re here to guide you to the path of long-term sobriety.

Recognizing cocaine addiction can be hard as it can quickly escalate from casual use to addiction. Common side effects of cocaine use/abuse are:

  • Extreme euphoria
  • High energy levels
  • Hypersensitivity to sight, sound, touch
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea
  • Dilated pupils
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Tremors and twitching
  • Higher body temperature
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Hallucinations

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

Since cocaine is a highly addictive drug and can create a physical and mental dependency, quitting cocaine use can be a nearly impossible task for you or your loved one. Many people only “recreationally” use cocaine. How do you identify a cocaine addiction in yourself or a loved one? For those who are addicted to cocaine, a tolerance is built to the effects of powdered cocaine. At this point, some may turn to crack cocaine as it produces a more intense high. GH Recovery Solutions is fully equipped to treat cocaine and crack cocaine addiction.

To understand if your loved one is suffering from a cocaine addiction and need cocaine rehab, here are a list of signs & symptoms. It is possible you may also find paraphernalia associated with cocaine or crack cocaine addiction. Examples of such include, glass pipes, rolled cash, and cut straws. If the answer is yes to these signs and symptoms, cocaine rehab may be necessary for recovery.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction and Abuse


  • Tooth decay
  • Damage to nasal cavity
  • Lung damage
  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Track marks, if injected
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dilated pupils
  • Seizures
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Rapid breathing


  • Euphoria
  • Grandiosity (extremely confident)
  • Friendly & outgoing
  • Mood swings


  • Neglected appearance
  • Misuse of finances
  • Difficulties with personal relationships
  • Problems managing life
  • Secretive behavior
  • Erratic or impulsive behavior

Get Help for Cocaine Addiction

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Cocaine addiction is difficult to overcome, but GH Recovery Solutions can help you to conquer cocaine dependency and make life worth living. You aren’t alone in this journey. We help you to address the underlying issues that foster addiction. We teach you healthy coping skills to start your pathway to long-term sobriety. Contact us today at (888) 345-2025 You can heal, we can help.