Opiod and Opiate Addictions

Opioid and opiate addictions are a widespread issue that is ravaging families across America. For those caught grasp of opiate addiction, GH Recovery Solutions can offer a way out. If you are ready to overcome an opiate addiction, we offer a personalized approach to opiate addiction treatment. Your treatment is crafted with our evidence-based treatment modalities and your needs. GH Recovery Solutions wants you to participate in your recovery by promoting personal responsibility, accountability and giving you the tools needed to build a strong recovery.

We are personally invested in every clients’ recovery process. Putting people first has always been the foundation of our treatment philosophy. You don’t have to keep going through the horrible cycle of opiate and opioid addiction. GH Recovery Solutions can help you.

If you or a loved one are struggling with opiod or opiate addiction, please reach out to GH Recovery Solutions at (888) 345-2025. We can help.

How do I Know if I Need Opioid or Opiate Addiction Treatment?

Opioid and opiate addiction can be baffling as many of these addictions stem from doctor prescribed medications. With a dependence such as one on opioids, treatment is almost always necessary to start the path to long-term sobriety. While many other drugs are mentally addictive, opioids and opiates are physically, and mentally addicting. If you or someone you love are abusing prescriptions or are exhibiting drug-seeking behaviors for more opiates, opioid addiction treatment could be the first step to recovery.
Opiates and opioids are medications that are derived from opium; there are many legal and illicit substances that are opiates and opioids. Our country is facing an epidemic of opioid and opiate abuse and addiction. While these numbers are staggering, you are not alone on this path; GH Recovery Solutions can help you walk out of addiction into sobriety as we have in the lives of many others.
Opiate abuse and addiction can occur in anyone. Most people that are struggling with heroin addiction started abusing opioid medication at first. Opioids and opiates range from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule I drug. The higher the scheduling of the drug the higher potential of abuse and addiction. Even taking opioid medication prescribed by a doctor can still result in opiate addiction and opiate withdrawal. When someone is taking opioids, even as prescribed, and tries to stop abruptly, it will result in intense withdrawal symptoms. GH Recovery Solutions can help ease you through the painful withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid and opiate addiction.


  • Opioid medications can be natural, semi-synthetic, and fully synthetic medications.
  • More than 30% of overdoses involving opioids also involved benzodiazepines
  • From 2012 – 2015 there was a 264% increase in synthetic opioid overdose deaths.
  • Opioids are commonly prescribed for chronic pain.
  • Opiate medications can be swallowed, smoked, snorted and shot intravenously.

Physiology and Side Effects of Opioid and Opiate Abuse

Opioids act in the brain of users by increasing the amounts of dopamine and endorphins – these are naturally occurring chemicals in the brain. These chemicals have a depressant effect on the body, calming the body and reducing pain. Dopamine and endorphins are also associated with the pleasure and reward system of the brain. The brain learns to want to repeat actions that provoke feelings of pleasure; this is the start of opioid addiction.
Over time more of the opioid/opiate is required to achieve pain relief, or to get the same high that their brain and body is accustomed to feeling. Tolerance then turns into dependence when the brain becomes less sensitive to the chemicals produced by the use of opiates and becomes dependent on opiates and opioids to deliver the once natural occurrence of these chemicals.
Common side effects of opioid/opiate abuse are:

  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Sedation
  • Itchiness
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Depressed Respirations

Understanding Opioid and Opiate Addiction

When opioids or opiates are abused in any form, whether they’re swallowed, snorted, smoked or injected, its effects are euphoric and addictive. Over time once a tolerance and dependence are developed, it starts a downward spiral into heavier, and more frequent use to be able to function normally. Opioid and opiate addiction treatment offers you, or your loved one the time to focus on the underlying issues that attribute to opioid addiction and begin the path to recovery. GH Recovery Solutions can also help you through withdrawal to help reduce cravings for opiates and opioids. Withdrawal and relapse often go hand in hand due to the severity of withdrawal; we’re here for you. We’ll make sure that you get through them and can focus solely on treatment.

Identifying opiate and opioid addiction can be the difference between treatment and an overdose. While many opioids and opiates have similar side effects, knowing them can help you to recognize what is going on and get help for yourself or a loved one.

Signs of Opioid and Opiate Addiction


  • Euphoric Moods
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Irritability
  • Aloofness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lowered Motivation
  • Depressed
  • Lowered Inhibitions


  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Change of social circles
  • Extreme sedation
  • Defensive actions about medication intake
  • Nodding off at inappropriate times
  • Unexplained or intentional injuries resulting in opioid prescriptions
  • Wearing long sleeves in warm weather (to hide track marks)
  • Opioid medications taken longer than necessary
  • Purchasing prescription medications on the street


  • Constricted pupils
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Nosebleed (from snorting opioids)
  • Irregular sleep schedule
  • Slowed breathing
  • Flushed skin
  • Unexplained itchiness
  • Bruises and track marks (from IV opiate abuse)

Get Help for Opioid and Opiate Addiction

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Recovery from opiate and opioid addiction is possible, GH Recovery Solutions can help you to achieve your goal of reaching long-term sobriety. Don’t hesitate, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable and compassionate admissions coordinators today.

Opioid and opiate addiction doesn’t have to be an endless cycle of suffering. You can heal, we can help. GH Recovery Solutions is here to help you conquer opioid addiction. We are here for you through your treatment, and beyond. We believe in addressing all aspects of addiction and the mental, physical and spiritual consequences that happen because of addiction. We can help you to build a sober life you want. Call us today at (888) 345-2025 to start your path to