The choice to enter an alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program is first and foremost about achieving sustained sobriety, but there are other concerns too.

The decision to enter treatment at GH Recovery Solutions means you will be removing yourself temporarily from many life responsibilities and commitments at home. Then, there are the financial responsibilities we all have, and for some; having pending legal matters that need to be resolved.

Our staff recognizes that these are valid, real-world concerns allowing our in-house case management team to specifically handle your needs on a case-by-case basis. Case management services play a critical role in your recovery because they allow you to focus on your sobriety without unnecessary pressure and distractions from the outside world.

We understand that addiction may have caused many consequences in your life and our help extends to helping clear some of those wreckage’s from your past. Our case management experts help you navigate through legal issues while ensuring some sense of financial stability as you rebuild your life.

Case managers not only handle financial and legal matters but they are also there to help you create a discharge plan aimed at maintaining long-term sobriety while actively addressing real-life issues.

As part of your treatment, you will have weekly sessions with a case manager specifically assigned to your case. These sessions track the progress of your recovery within our program.

In the initial case management session you will be setting goals for yourself, assess any pending legal issues, discuss financial assistance, disclose any prior treatment history and receive a brief orientation to our program.

In the second phase you will begin working toward employment, learning how to manage finances, begin creating a plan for life beyond the treatment center, choose a 12-step program and formulate an education plan.

The final phase of case management includes routine checkups, the establishment of aftercare plans and a certification of completion.

Our case managers serve as advocates for your needs, providing you with the proper resources to find solutions for the psychosocial issues you may face during treatment and after discharge.  Addicts entering treatment often lack real-life problem-solving skills. GH Recovery Solutions’ case management team help create/repair those skills making it easier to continue with a clean and sober life.

Find out more about how our Case Management could help you or your loved one in need of substance abuse recovery. Call us at (888) 345-2025. We are available to you 24/7!

Initial Case Management Session:

Goal Setting: Treatment goals, short-term life goals and long-term future goals.
Legal: Managing upcoming court dates, complying with court-ordered treatment requirements, facilitating communication between courts and attorneys.
Financial Assistance: Applications for SNAP benefits while in treatment, short-term disability, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
Treatment history: Records from previous treatments aid in customizing your current individualized plans.
Orientation: A brief overview of the programs offered at GH Recovery Solutions.

Case Management Phase 2

Employment: Begin building a resume and exploring employment options.
Financial Management: Develop budgeting skills and expense management.
Individualized Discharge Planning: Create a plan for life after discharge.
12-Step Program: Begin 12-step fellowships that will continue after discharge.
Education: Guide you through the process of getting a GED, college degree, or vocational training.

Case Management Final Phase

Routine Checkups: You will meet with case managers routinely throughout treatment.
Aftercare plans: Make firm plans about how you will maintain sobriety after discharge.
Certificate of Completion: Upon successful completion of the treatment program, you will receive a treatment certificate that can be beneficial for courts, family, or just the personal satisfaction of achieving a goal.

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