For many first-time addicts and alcoholics considering getting off of drugs or alcohol, they believe all they need is the detox process to overcome the excruciating withdrawals, but little do they know it takes more than detox to overcome their addiction to these substances. This is something countless amount of addicts have tried, and it just doesn’t work.

Here at GH Recovery Solutions, we believe in the science of addiction being a disease of the mind, body, and soul. While detox is needed to overcome the physical symptoms of using drugs and alcohol, the underlying causes and cravings of addiction need to be treated on a deeper level.

What is detox?

Medical detox is the first significant step that needs to be taken in the beginning treatment process. Supervised by a full medical staff, the detoxification process will allow the drugs and alcohol to leave the system safely. Medical professionals, such as nurses and doctors, provide you with the proper medication to minimize any pain and discomfort that comes with the withdrawal process. Without detox, it is prevalent to fall right back into the same vicious cycle of addiction by relapsing. One of the most common reasons people continue to drink or drug after they want help is the fear of going through withdrawal.

Though the detoxification process is an essential step towards recovery, once the drugs or alcohol have been removed from the system, they need to learn how to function and cope with life without any substances. Having grown so used to mind and mood-altering substances to make it through each day, it’s essential to now learn the tools and tactics needed to go about everyday life sober to prevent relapse.

How Extended Treatment can Help

It is exceptionally ordinary for someone struggling with addiction to have a co-occurring disorder, which is a mental health diagnosis that plays a role in their struggle with drugs or alcohol.

In a medical detox facility, with the help from the group sessions and individual therapy along with a psychiatric doctor, clinicians are able to medicate clients according to any underlying mental issues behind the typical physical treatment for substance abuse withdrawals.

Continuing treatment outside of medical detox can also help clients to learn medication management. Continuing therapy in a PHP or IOP program can help address more underlying issues and give clients coping skills to use alongside any medications they may be taking to ensure longevity in their sobriety.

Often with our clients here at GH Recovery Solutions, many suffer from different forms of trauma leading up to their abuse. Such traumas can cause repressed memories that can display themselves as impulsive or addict-like behaviors. Our clinicians here at GH Recovery Solutions genuinely believe in the importance of addressing such traumas and being able to process them healthily. When a client can accept his or her past, they are finally ready to move on and focus on the importance of their present living situations, and more importantly, their recovery.

Preparing for Long-Term Sobriety

To maintain long-term sobriety, clients must be able to cope with the stressors and cravings for drugs and alcohol that come with everyday life. Inherently, this is part of the recovery process. Rehab at GH Recovery Solutions allows clients to grow in their recovery, learn coping skills, and manage cravings with different therapy techniques or medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and move past stressors that may come across as a hurdle in their recovery journey.

During their stay in our substance abuse treatment facility, clients will have the required assistance to not only help them learn to deal with the stressors from their past, but GH Recovery also helps them to build a sustainable future. Once a client has been with us for a determined amount of time aftercare plans are put in place to continue sobriety as a lifestyle, not just a treatment style.

At GH Recovery Solutions, we have a great Case Management team that works with clients from the moment they step through our doors, until the moment they graduate from our program. They provide clients with excellent resources, such as meeting lists, to continue your 12-step program, help with resumes, job interview skills and helping clients to deal with upcoming, or past legal issues they may be facing.

Studies have shown that long-term treatment programs have been more successful in bettering the chances of life in long-term sobriety. By not finding and treating the root of addiction, getting stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction is inevitable. Taking that extra time needed, which for many, can be months at a time, we can help treat the mind, body, and soul the right way to increase the chances for long-term sobriety.
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