How Long Will I Be In Treatment?

The treatment you will receive at GH Recovery Solutions doesn’t take the “get them in, get them out” approach. We are not one of those 28-day programs which essentially only gives addicts and alcoholics a quick break from their using.

We recognize the complexities of addiction, so we analyze the underlying causes, diagnose potential co-occurring mental health issues, investigate past triggers and plan your aftercare in order to maintain long-term sobriety.

Our program is customized to your specific needs, but  three to six months is a general guideline. Studies show that the longer a client stays in treatment, the better chance they will have at long-term sobriety.

How Do I Pay For Addiction Treatment ?

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab is a common and important concern. Our experienced admissions specialists will help you explore options and calculate your personalized financial obligations for admissions to GH Recovery Solutions.

Many insurance providers cover the cost of your treatment, and GH Recovery accepts a wide range of insurance plans. We also have options for those who are not covered under any source of insurance. Our primary focus is your long-term sobriety, so we can create a plan that works for everyone.

How Will The GH Recovery Community Benefit My Recovery ?

GH Recovery Solutions is like one big family with the common purpose of providing an environment conducive to recovery from alcohol and drugs. We help motivated and driven individuals who enter treatment for the right reasons. Having you and people like you in the program builds an environment of peer support while maintaining the groups focus on recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Please call our GH Recovery Treatment admissions team with any questions you may still have. Call us at (888) 345-2025.


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