GH Recovery Solutions realizes that there are many versatile therapy modalities, including therapeutic-based activities that aid in the path to long-term sobriety. A large concern for those entering sobriety is how to have fun in recovery. GH Recovery Solutions has integrated our Adventure-based therapy program into our robust treatment plans. We want to offer you a way to not only get in touch with yourself  but nature as well. This will allow you to receive the benefits that the great outdoors that GH Recovery Solutions can offer you. Our activities include excursions from hiking and fishing to mountain biking and other seasonal outdoor activities.

GH Recovery Solutions recognizes the impact that physical activity and healthy hobbies can have on your developing recovery. We foster our adventures into a supportive, physically active environment to help you develop and hone interpersonal skills and a strong foundation of self-confidence. Adventure therapy will build your emotional and physical strength; these are essential to staying sober and living a balanced life.

Those struggling with substance abuse disorders have often neglected themselves, their hobbies and don’t know what activities they enjoy anymore. By GH Recovery Solutions offering adventure therapy, which integrates with our more traditional therapy paths, it allows those who are struggling to experience old and new interests in a safe, supportive environment. Recovery from substance abuse and alcoholism is an adventure; we can show you how to have healthy outlets during your journey to long-term sobriety.

The Importance of Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy. Adventure therapy has a plethora of psychological theories contributing to the advantages that adventure therapy can offer. The philosophy behind including adventure therapy into our treatment is educational. At GH Recovery Solutions we want your loved ones to learn about the activities they’re doing as they’re doing them. It gives us the chance to teach them how these activities are connected to self-esteem and learning help-seeking behaviors when they are struggling. It is okay to ask for help in any aspect, especially when it comes to struggling with substance abuse disorders. That’s why GH Recovery Solutions is here every step of the way from our adventures, to everyday occurrences in our program. You can heal, we can help.

Some of the Activities Offered in our Adventure Therapy Program and Outdoor Excursions:

  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Trail Exploring
  • Rope Course
  • Nature Walks
  • Paddle Boarding

While adventure therapy is an extremely beneficial experience for everyone, if your loved one is not comfortable with an activity, they do not have to participate. At GH Recovery Solutions safety is one of our top priorities. We want every one to grow and prosper in our healing environment. GH Recovery Solutions wants everyone to have the chance to fall in love with life again while creating a strong foundation for their recovery. Adventure therapy offers the chance to relive, or experience activities for the first time from a different perspective.

Starting to enjoy life again only begins at GH Recovery Solutions; the future holds countless opportunities to grow in all aspects of your recovery. We want to offer as many options as possible for you to live the healthy sober life that you deserve. All activities that we provide to your loved ones at GH Recovery Solutions are crafted to tie in physical, mental and spiritual aspects of recovery with an adventure-based approach to healing.

GH Recovery Solutions offers a robust and comprehensive treatment program for all who enter our doors. If you believe that you or a loved one are suffering from a substance abuse disorder, reach out to us today. Call one of our experienced and professional admissions coordinators to learn more about our adventure therapy program, and our many therapy methods for addiction recovery.

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