The recovery process lasts a lifetime and the support from the GH Recovery Solutions Alumni program is available for life.  The support and guidance you receive at GH Recovery Solutions doesn’t end upon the completion of our programs, the initial drug and alcohol rehabilitation is only the beginning of recovery. GH Recovery Solutions provides you the tools for a successful long-term recovery, then aids in future sobriety by remaining connective and supportive through the transition period and beyond.

The GH Recovery Solutions Alumni Program helps prevent relapse by providing you and your family with the necessary resources to stay sober and stable. Every Alumni program is supported by 24/7 contact with our staff. You will also stay connected to fellow alumni, gaining insight and advice from experienced people in recovery you already know and trust.

The alumni program aids your recovery by helping through real-life issues ranging from job searches, to advice about sobriety and other general life skills. The entire program helps you navigate life without the use of drugs and alcohol, and our alumni gatherings provide opportunities for you to experience the fun side of a sober life.


As with any institute of learning, clients who graduate from GH Recovery Solutions are considered alumni. As an alumnus, you apply recently learned knowledge toward recovery, thereby changing your life. It will be a fulfilling time, but not one without challenges.

GH Recovery Solutions is fully committed to helping our alumni, now part of our family, adjust to life after treatment during a time crucial to long-term sobriety.

Alumni are invited to join us for as many events as their schedules permit. There is an annual camping trip with food, games and music. It allows our growing alumni community to bond with each other, celebrating their newly found life of recovery from addiction.

We also design monthly events for our GH Recovery Solutions alumni, which in the past included ski trips, hiking adventures, bowling or golf outings, as well as volunteer opportunities.

Keeping our alumni connected with others on the same mission helps everyone involved maintain sobriety. The strong Alumni program at GH Recovery Solutions provides the best environment to achieve your long-term success. You will always have a home here with us at GH Recovery Solutions. After all, you’re part of the family!

We make a commitment to you to stay engaged for at least a year with our alumni coordinators who offer support and encouragement through regular contact with you once you complete the program.


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