Addiction affects more than just one person; it is a family disease. Those closest to the struggling loved one can also sense the impact of addiction. Educating family members and friends about addiction allows the healing to happen together and to happen more quickly. 

By including family members in the treatment process of their loved ones, the healing for them can also begin, as loved ones also need comfort, support and compassion.  The GH Recovery Solutions Family Therapy program offers loved ones the opportunity to become a part of their loved one’s recovery. They will learn to recognize changes, understand long-term recovery, and become aware of potential triggers or future hurdles that could be encountered along the way. Families learn proven strategies to help their loved ones reach the goal of long-term recovery, and to begin to heal and rebuild from their own trauma that often occurs from loving someone struggling with addiction.

GH Recovery Solutions’ Family Treatment is based on behavioral management teachings and involves the family through weekly updates and bi-weekly calls with our therapists. There is also a full weekend where the entire family becomes immersed in recovery and healing can occur at a much deeper level.


Family contact is limited for the first 30 days to allow the loved one struggling with addiction to focus on themselves, settle, and heal. During this time our GH Recovery clinicians develop a better understanding of the individual, and continuously design a customized course of action to help them safely and comfortably through this process. Families receive regular updates during this period and can take comfort in knowing their loved one is safe. 


When an individual is ready, the family can take part in family sessions with our licensed therapists. The family will establish healthy boundaries within the group and with their loved one struggling with addiction. Family members can also come to our facility for direct and individualized family therapy with their loved one.

Families are also encouraged to attend our GH Recovery Solutions family weekend – a three-night, two-day program where families learn how best to support the long-term recovery of their loved one and the family unit.

Topics covered during the GH Recovery Solutions Family Weekend weekend include:

    The Neurobiology of Addiction

    Codependency and Sharing the Disease

    The Disease Concept

    Enabling vs. Helping

    Family Genograms

    Family Roles

    Effective Communication Skills

    Emotional Clarity

    Anger vs. Forgiveness


At GH Recovery, sobriety becomes a way of life for the entire family. Every part of the family program is designed to ensure the long-term success of a loved one’s sobriety, as well as the health and wellness of your family as a whole.

For any questions about our GH Recovery Solutions Family Therapy Treatment Program, please contact GH Recovery Solutions at (888) 345-2025.


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