GH Recovery Solutions offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treatment designed to allow you to rebuild your life with structured groups, individual therapy and 12-step meetings in conjunction with our Sober Living affiliates

IOP treatment is a less intensive level of care and support.  It is designed for those who have completed detox and residential treatment, or for those who’s medical needs do not require residential or detox treatment. It serves as a vital path to prolonged recovery ensured to keep you centered and supported while transitioning to a healthier life and long-term sobriety.

GH Recovery Solutions IOP aids the quest for long-term sobriety by:

  • Providing you with opportunities to help develop communication skills, connect with other people, and participate in socialization experiences. You will learn to enjoy life, and genuinely have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.  This is especially beneficial for individuals whose social interaction primarily revolved around using drugs or alcohol.
  • Establishing an environment in which you develop meaningful peer relationships and have the opportunity to help and support others.
  • Introducing structure, accountability, and discipline into lives that without them, often turned to drugs or alcohol.
  • Reinforcing healthy interactions along with safe and supportive therapy is crucial for your recovery.
  • Advancing individual recovery by allowing group members who are further along in their recovery to help other members.  You will find how your experiences, no matter how far down you may have gone in your addiction, can be beneficial to others.
  • Offering a venue for group leaders to discuss and disseminate new information, teach new skills, and guide others as they positively change their lifestyles.
  • Helping those reintroduced to the workforce balance their time between recovery and work, as well as process the tension between the two with professional and peer support.

Our IOP treatment is specifically designed with therapy, case management, and the 12 steps so that the men and women who are with us get, and stay sober. GH Recovery Solutions conducts an array of groups including separate men and women trauma groups, psychoeducational groups, psychodrama groups, life skill groups, gender specific groups, grief and loss groups, and many more.


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