You’ve reached a difficult decision. You can no longer sit and watch your loved one’s life be destroyed by alcoholism and/or drug addiction. It’s time to act. You are going to hold an intervention. But how do you create a successful intervention?

At GH Recovery Solutions, we have a team of interventionists who have been through the process and are available to help guide and support you.

Planning is key with conducting a smooth and successful intervention. Our interventionists will help you decide which family members and friends to invite to help convince your loved one that it’s time to undergo treatment for their addiction. Our support staff will also help choose a place and date for the intervention, ensuring that the surroundings are conducive to a smooth and successful intervention.

Intervention letters are another key component of successful interventions. Those attending the intervention are strongly encouraged to write down what they want to tell their loved one. Writing intervention letters to be read to your loved one during the intervention, ensures that you prepare the points you intend to make during what can be a time of great emotion.

There is an art to writing successful intervention letters. While templates for intervention letters can be found online, our intervention support team will help you strike the proper tone, and include all of the key factors needed in your letter increasing the chances that your loved one will accept the help you are offering.

Once your loved one accepts the need for treatment whether it be for alcoholism or drug addiction, it is important to get them into a treatment program immediately following the intervention. Our intervention support staff will help with the admissions process into a treatment program for your loved one and often even help with the transportation to our facilities, where their steps to recovery can begin.

Holding an intervention is a loving act. You are taking a big step, but you don’t have to take that step alone. The GH Recovery Solutions intervention support staff will be there with you, making it more likely your loved one will accept your offer for treatment.

If you are considering holding an intervention, or simply want to discuss whether an intervention is right for your loved one, give the GH Recovery Solutions intervention support staff a call at (888) 345-2025 . The road to lasting sobriety can begin with a simple phone call.

Dear Oliver,

I just wanted to say how proud of you I am as your brother. I’ve never known someone with the same heart for others that you have. Growing up, you always made sure that I and the rest of our younger siblings were taken care of before you worried about yourself. I’ll never forget that and I’ll always love you for it.

Recently, I feel as though I don’t know you as well as I used to. It’s hard to have a conversation with you because you rarely answer the phone sober. We haven’t been able to play pickup basketball because you start drinking as soon as you get off of work. I’ve reached out to the rest of the family and they tell me that they’ve been having the same troubles getting ahold of you.

I feel like I’m losing my brother, and that breaks my heart. I wanted you to be the best man at my wedding, but now my fiancée doesn’t feel comfortable with you in the wedding party after you slurred through your speech at the rehearsal. I wanted you to be the godfather to my newborn child, but you were out at the bar during the naming ceremony. I want us to be close like we used to be, but it’s hard to see how we can shrink the distance when you are almost always inebriated.

It is your choice if you decide to continue to drink and party like you’ve been doing. I will respect what you want for your life. However, I refuse to help you along a path that I 100% believe is going to take you away from us. If you choose not to enter treatment, then I will no longer be lending you money or my car. If you choose not to enter treatment, I will not be allowing you to spend time with your nephew. I’m afraid that if you don’t find a way to manage your drinking, I’ll lose my brother for good.

Oliver, I will always love you. You’re a smart, ambitious man who made an amazing older brother when we were growing up. That’s why it hurts me so much to see you like this. I want us to keep growing together, as brothers and as men. Please get the help you need to get your drinking under control.

With love,


If you are still struggling with how to start your intervention letter or what to write in it, or even the feelings that are coming up for you while writing your intervention letter, be sure to consult your professional interventionist who can further help you. We have specialists and counselors at GH Recovery Solutions who are willing to help you along the process.


For your reference, find a sample letter below. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids published this open letter from a brother who’s sibling is suffering from drug addiction. The expression of pain yet being in a loving manner is powerful in this letter. This letter follows a very similar outline as what was just described above.

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