Families with a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol often are the ones responsible for convincing their loved ones to get help. Sometimes that can be accomplished with a single conversation; however for most, a larger intervention is required.

In a true intervention, family and friends along with the help of a professional interventionist, can show their loved one his or her destructive behavior and how it has been destroying them. A successful intervention concludes with an immediate treatment plan and action.

The first step is for the family to realize that their loved one has reached a point where they have become incapable of correcting their situation and requires help and support to even simply begin the healing process. Once that realization is achieved, the planning stage of an intervention begins.

What happens during the intervention must be decided before their loved one is involved. Professional interventionists, like those at GH Recovery Solutions, identify how to plan an intervention so that the process goes as smoothly as possible and is ultimately successful.

The ultimate goal of the intervention is to convince their loved one that they need help and bring them to accept the help that is being offered. Once this step has been taken, their loved one can begin to build on their internal strengths and start their recovery process. This can be achieved by engaging in a structured conversation with the one struggling in a non-confrontational manner. Successful interventions conclude with their loved one immediately entering the program their family and friends have arranged.

Studies have shown that individuals with addiction are more likely to seek treatment when they have undergone an intervention. The intervention alone however, doesn’t ensure success. It merely is beginning of a long but worthwhile process to establish long-term sobriety.

One key to achieving lasting sobriety is the constant love and support an individual receives from their family and friends. By bringing together family, friends and other loved ones is ideally important to their loved one involved in an intervention. The one’s struggling require a crucial foundation that can build toward their long-term sobriety.

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