GH Recovery Solutions knows that everyone has a different past and future. For some of those in our program, a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) pathway may be the best option for treatment and achieving long-term sobriety. GH Recovery Solutions is here to help you heal in any way we can. We offer different options for MAT; recovery is not a one size fits all program. We are happy to offer one of the most comprehensive treatment programs to our clients; we don’t just offer a medication without treatment. We work on the underlying issues, address all aspects of addiction through therapy, and an immersive 12-step integration program.

MAT can help those who have struggled with substance abuse with only short stints in sobriety finally control their cravings for narcotics and live the healthy life they deserve. GH Recovery Solutions knows that when it comes to helping individuals to recover from opioid addiction, MAT treatment is one of the safest options available to our clients.

What is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

Medication Assisted Treatment, contrary to popular belief, is not strictly a medication only program. At GH Recovery Solutions, MAT is combined with our robust therapy program, and a 12-step program to provide a personal approach to addiction treatment and recovery. Research has shown that many that suffer from opioid use disorders do significantly better when utilizing medication-assisted treatment program.
Medications that are used in MAT are FDA approved. They have been tested and researched to ensure that they are safe and effective at curbing opiate cravings, reducing withdrawal symptoms, and for some medications, blocking the euphoric effects of opiates. These medications are also prescribed by a doctor which helps to get the person suffering out of the habit and “street” lifestyle that often accompanies addiction.
The medications used in MAT work to normalize brain chemistry, block the euphoric effects of opioids, reduce cravings, and assist in normalizing the bodily functions that are disrupted in opioid users. All of these factors contribute to longer attendance in addiction treatment programs; these medications can allow you the time to heal without worrying about staving off all of the unpleasant side effects of addiction.

What Medications Does GH Recovery Solutions Use in our MAT Program?

While there are many medications available to use in medication-assisted treatment programs, GH Recovery Solutions offers tried and true medication options. We’ve seen encouraging results in the lives of past clients that have participated in our MAT program while using these medications.


Suboxone is the brand name of a prescription medication that is used in the treatment of opioid use disorders. Suboxone is a mixture of two medications, buprenorphine, and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid antagonist, meaning it helps to alleviate withdrawal symptoms related to opioid use. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist, which reverses the effects of opioids and acts as a blocker of the effects of opiates. Combining these medications into Suboxone allows for you not have to go through painful withdrawal symptoms, but also blocks the effects of opiates if you were to attempt to get high. Without the “reward” the brain receives from using opioids, it helps to promote abstinence from them. If you are taking Suboxone, it can help to control your cravings for opioids because you are not going through withdrawal symptoms, and you know that you won’t be able to achieve the high that you used to get. Having that weight lifted off your shoulders allows for you to immerse yourself in therapy, groups, and to acclimate to a 12-step program to combat addiction.
Suboxone is a sublingual medication, meaning that it is dissolved under the tongue. A sublingual medication allows for the proper dose to be absorbed and acting in the system quickly. GH Recovery Solutions resident doctor prescribes Suboxone. We can take care of everything on-premise and monitor you to make sure that you are the proper dosages and that all of your symptoms are being addressed. This also alleviates the stress of having to go to outside appointments and allows for you to be truly immersed in your therapy.


Unlike Suboxone, Vivitrol is only one medication. Vivitrol is a non-narcotic opioid antagonist that works by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain. Vivitrol can help to control cravings and is effective at treating post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Post-acute withdrawal symptoms can result in depression, anxiety, and emotional instability. In early recovery, post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) can lead to relapse, as all of the resulting feelings associated with PAWS are relapse triggers for many trying to achieve sobriety. Vivitrol alongside therapy, case management, and learning healthy coping skills at GH Recovery Solutions can be your pathway to long-term sobriety.
At GH Recovery Solutions we offer Vivitrol in both available forms: a daily pill, and a once-monthly shot. While there is always a chance for adverse effects to medication, we want to ensure your safety fully. Most clients who have chosen to participate in our medication-assisted program begin on the pill form of Vivitrol (also referred to as Naltrexone.) After monitoring by our therapist and medical staff, the switch is then made for Vivitrol to be administered in the once monthly shot. The prescribing and administering of monthly injection are done on-site at GH Recovery Solutions. Having the once monthly shot is a commonly pursued route as it allows you to live a normal life without fear of running out of medication or forgetting doses.

Why GH Recovery Solutions’ Medication Assisted Program?

GH Recovery Solutions is a leader in the treatment industry, not just because of our medication-assisted treatment program. While MAT can be supremely important in the lives of those suffering from opioid use disorders, when it is combined with our therapy methods and 12-step immersion program, it can be truly life-changing.

We have medical staff available to monitor your MAT from the beginning to end with us. We also offer care after you leave our program through your case manager. We believe that you every client deserves to heal and find long-term sobriety. You can heal, we can help. If you have questions about our MAT program or our MAT options, call us today at (888) 345-2025


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