Designed to help you rebuild your life while keeping you accountable to your recovery, GH Recovery Solutions offers you a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). As part of our PHP program, you will receive group and individual therapy, case management sessions, medical and psychiatric services, and 12-step meetings. You will also have 24 hour access to the support staff.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program allows you to start reintegrating into society while still focusing on your recovery and therapy. This phase of treatment is paramount to ensure long-term sobriety, because it allows the recovery in a real world environment that is also a supportive and therapeutic setting. The specifics of our Partial Hospitalization Program is custom designed for you by our clinical team based on your needs and goals for a life in recovery. Also, you will have the foundation to be fully prepared to find gainful employment as well as make progress towards your educational or vocational goals once treatment is complete.

Prior to admission to the GH Recovery Solutions Partial Hospitalization Program you will undergo a biopsychosocial assessment to provide our clinical team all the information they need to develop a customized plan for your recovery.

Once admitted to the Partial Hospitalization Program you will attend six hours of group therapy sessions daily,  weekly individual therapy sessions (one on ones), as well as Case Management sessions to help you manage the real-life situations you will encounter as you re-engage in your every day life.

GH Recovery Solutions’ PHP provides opportunities for you to develop communication skills and enjoy socialization, it will help prepare you to find employment and teaches how to balance time between recovery and work commitments. You will continue to receive structure and accountability, building on the momentum that began with the early recovery process.

Unlike other treatment programs, GH Recovery Solutions has worked closely with insurance companies to ensure that your treatment is covered as an in-network service by many prominent insurance companies, including Aetna, Humana and Beacon.

For more information about our Partial Hospitalization Program, call our admissions specialists at (888) 345-2025 today. Anything you say is 100% confidential, and we are ready to help you start your sobriety today!

GH Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program treatment features five key components:

  1. Group Therapy: Attend six hours of group therapy each day, sharing your experiences and receiving support while learning from the experiences of others. Proper therapist-led communication teaches essential long-term recovery skills.
  2. Individual Therapy: One-on-one sessions provide an opportunity for private weekly therapy with one of our licensed, educated and experienced clinicians. Clients discuss progress, setbacks, and successes in recovery, or address current issues or concerns they might have but are unwilling to discuss openly in a group setting.
  3. Family Sessions: Those impacted by a loved one’s addiction can also play a crucial role in their recovery. Family can attend these sessions in person or via phone/skype. GH Recovery offers its quarterly weekend intensive family program free of charge.
  4. Medication Management: If you require psychotropic medications for mental health illness you’ll meet with our psychiatrist to discuss a medication plan. You’ll be educated on any prescribed medication
  5. Community Housing: While in the program, you have the option to live in a safe and structured environment that includes transportation to and from the center. Living at GH Sober Communities or another local Sober Home allows you to be supported as you develop recovery skills around self-care, discipline, and responsibility.

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