Coming to the point of your final days in your treatment facility, you may find yourself wondering what your next steps will be; what’s next? Coming to this milestone in your life, GH Recovery Solutions congratulates you on making it this far in your recovery and on to the beginning stages of your recovery back in society! We will continue to be of any help that we can be to you, as your guide and support any way that we can. There are so many different possibilities for you to help you find yourself in your new recovery. As you start this new stage of your life, one of the biggest tips we can suggest to you is to remain positive and productive. Find activities in your daily schedule that are positive to replace the time that could be spent negatively; such as using drugs or alcohol and falling back into old habits.

Find yourself a Sober Community As you leave one sober community, take the time to find yourself one in your area. Create your personal support system while continuing to attend IOP . If you remain in our NH area, we strongly suggest our sober living community and continuing onto the next level of care. If you are going to a different area or returning home, our case management team can help you locate new groups in the area you are moving back to. Having a support group in more than one area can be very beneficial to your continued sobriety.

Don’t be afraid to try something new Ever thought about doing something but never had it in you to pursue those actions? Give it a shot! You are experiencing life with a new mindset and outlook, give something new a try. Try new activities, something that may really strike your interest and keep you occupied. Don’t be afraid to try more than one new thing; you never know what may strike your interests.

Start an exercise routine In your first steps of recovery, you may find yourself feeling a different type of energy or anxiety that you are unsure of how to rid yourself of. For many exercising can help with a relief of that energy. Exercise is something that everyone can benefit from. No matter what activities you enjoy and whether it be going to the gym, hiking, swimming, dancing, or a sport you always wanted to play or previously played. Recovery isn’t about not enjoying yourself, it requires a lifestyle change. Either way, exercising will increase with your focus as well as help your body repair itself.

Go back to school If you’ve fallen short of any degrees or courses you began taking or wanted to pursue, now is the chance to pick up where you left off and continue your studies! If you’re going to finish high school, get your GED, or go to college, take a leap of faith in yourself and make that happen. You are fully capable of challenging yourself in your studies and of bettering your education and pursuing a career in that field. Not only will this be great for your confidence, but can land you a job you’ve always dreamed of having.

Join a team or a league Joining a team has so many beneficial factors to it. You learn so many new things about yourself growing as a team player. Learning how to work with others and not operate selfishly is hard to get rid of, team sports can help you learn how to change your behaviors when it comes to working with others. Not only will you be helping yourself mentally, but you will create new friendships and bonds as well as learning integrity. If you are a part of a team, you have to show up and stick to your word. Not to mention, this could be added to your exercise routine; it’s a win-win!

Drug recovery programs are the first step in your journey to sobriety, but they are far from your last. You can always improve your quality of life, and expand your hobbies and interests.

GH Recovery Solutions is here for you every step of the way. We are available to you 24/7! If you or a loved one need drug or alcohol recovery, you can reach out to us today. Call us at (888) 345-2025.